• Michelle Conerly

    Let me tell your story.

    Writer. Poet. Journalist. I've worn many hats in a short amount of time, but each one is rooted in my love of storytelling.


    A graduate of Seattle University with a bachelor's in Journalism and a Spanish language minor, I dreamed of one day telling the incredible stories of people from around the globe. Three years later, working as the digital media specialist at the University of Guam, I have the honor of telling our students' stories on a weekly basis via photography, videography and in writing. 

    This was a transition from the hard news articles I grew accustomed to writing as the infrastructure, energy, and environment reporter for the largest newspaper on Guam, the Pacific Daily News. As a Seattle native, covering the environment came naturally to me, sparking an interest in conservation and preservation efforts I never knew I had. 

    In the last few years, I've gained the confidence to not only tell the stories of others, but my own by writing a blog regarding my experiences as a mixed-race woman. Themes of social justice weave themselves into my personal narrative, and as I navigate life through my unique personal lens, I learn more about myself and the surrounding world each and every day. 

    The next step I foresee for myself is the pursuit of a graduate degree where I hope to combine storytelling, social justice, and environmentalism. Until then, I continue to hone my digital skills as I have only one simple request from you:


    Let me tell your story. 

  • Projects &


    • 2015 - present  Digital Media Specialist, No Place Like Home, University of Guam
    • 2015                    Assistant Digital Editor, Weddings in Paradise, Pacific Daily News 
    • 2014                    Assistant Digital Editor, Pika Best of Guam, Pacific Daily News 
    • 2014                    Reporter, Chamorro Month, Pacific Daily News 


    • 2012                     Short-term volunteer, La Fundacion de Esperanza
    • 2011                      Short-term volunteer, Shirts Across America
    • 2010                     Morale Captain, Seattle University Dance Marathon
    • 2008 - 2009      Volunteer, Jewish Family Service 

    Shades of Grey is my personal blog, viewed in more than 15 countries, where I explore the issues, politics, and social dynamics of a mixed-race person: myself. I touch on subjects of self-acceptance, internalized racism, language barriers, identity development, colorism and more. It serves as a resource for people interested in similar topics as well as a personal testament to my own experiences being a mixed-race woman in the modern age.

    I named my blog Shades of Grey because my father is African-American, and my mother is German (Caucasian), so essentially I'm what happens when you mix black and white. Depending on the mixture, you can get many shades of grey. And it's the grey areas in life that are the most fascinating, confusing, and worthwhile to navigate.

  • Publications

    As the digital media specialist, I highlight the achievements of students, faculty, and alumni through all forms of digital media. On UOG's website, you'll find examples of features, university news and press releases I've written showcasing my versatility in marketing communications. [PDF example] 

    When I arrived on Guam in 2013, I began as the infrastructure, energy, and environmental reporter, covering topics from island-wide power outages to the preservation of local marine life. In the paper's archives you'll find examples of hard news, cultural features, videos and photos taken. [PDF example]

    As my first full-time job as a journalist, I not only grew my writing but photography skills as well. As the schools and education reporter, I covered topics of sports, innovative culture changes, and community support efforts of the fourth largest school district in the state of Washington. [PDF example]

    I've also published photos and articles in the Seattle Globalist, the Guam Daily Post, Guam Super Shopper, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Seattle Times, and Seattle Weekly. 

  • Resume and Skills


    • 2012 Bachelor of Arts
      Spanish, minor
      Seattle University, magnum cum laude 


    Marketing communications writing, website design, social media marketing, news writing, managerial leadership, editing, visual design, photography and photo editing, videography, mentoring/teaching, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, blogging software, Apple hardware and software. 

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